Top lane guide

How to play top lane

Top lane guide for League of Legends (LoL)

  1. Last hitting minions: Your main goal in the early game is to farm minions and get gold. Try to last hit minions to get gold.
  2. Lane control: Positioning is important in the top lane. Try to position yourself in a way that makes it difficult for your opponent to last hit minions or harass you. Use your abilities to harass your opponent when they go for a last hit, and try to avoid taking unnecessary damage.
  3. Anticipating ganks: Pay attention to the minimap and try to anticipate when your opponent or their jungler may try to gank you. If you see the enemy jungler or mid laner missing from their lanes, be more cautious and consider asking for assistance from your own jungler.
  4. Capitalizing on mistakes: If your opponent makes a mistake, like overcommitting to a trade or getting caught out of position, try to take advantage of it. But be careful not to get too overconfident or make mistakes of your own. It's important to stay aware of your own limitations and the potential risks of any play you make.
  5. Pushing your advantage: As you gain levels and items, you should try to push your advantage and pressure your opponent's tower. Try to kill minions and enemy champions to push the wave into their tower, which will allow you to deal damage to the tower and potentially even take it down.
  6. Roaming and teamfighting: In the late game, top laners often have a lot of influence on the map due to their mobility and damage potential. Look for opportunities to roam and help your teammates get kills or objectives. In teamfights, try to position yourself in a way that allows you to deal as much damage as possible while staying safe.

What champions are played at top lane?

There are many champions that can be played in the top lane, and the most effective ones can vary depending on the current meta and your personal playstyle. Here are a few examples of champions that are often played in the top lane:

  1. Tanks: Champions like Maokai, Shen, and Ornn are often played as tanks in the top lane. They have strong sustain and durability, and they excel at initiating teamfights and protecting their allies.
  2. Bruisers: Champions like Renekton, Riven, and Garen are known as bruisers. They are a mix of damage and tankiness, and they excel at trading damage with their opponents in the top lane.
  3. Carry: Champions like Jax, Yasuo, and Tryndamere are known as carries. They are fragile but deal a lot of damage, and they excel at scaling into the late game and carrying their team to victory.
  4. Hybrid: Champions like Irelia and Olaf are known as hybrids because they can play multiple roles depending on how they build. They can be built as tanks, bruisers, or carries, depending on the situation.
It's important to choose a champion that fits your playstyle and team composition. Try out a few different champions and see which ones you enjoy playing and are most effective with.