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What is the true meaning of gaming?

Gaming means playing video games. These are electronic games where players have an impact on the outcome of the game. Synonyms are computer games or electronic games, and if a game is about competition, it's also called an esport. The most common devices for gaming are computers, consoles, mobiles, VR headsets, or other electronic devices.

Is gaming bad or good?

Gaming can boost your cognitive, learning & social skills as well as have a positive impact on your health. But too much is too much, and especially sitting too long - without pauses or any compensation - might be bad for you. The most important thing is that gaming remains fun in your free time, and you don't neglect your real life by playing too much. There are many studies & articles about the advantages & disadvantages of gaming, check them out!

Is gaming a job or a hobby?

Gaming is a hobby for most people because it's a great way to spend time with friends and it's fun & enjoyable. There are many reasons why people play video games but for many, gaming is a passion. For 99.99% of gamers, gaming is not their job, and it shouldn't take too much priority in your life. Still, many gamers spend much time and effort to get better, especially in competitive games, but it's really tough to make a living out of it.

Why gaming is so popular?

Gaming is popular because it's for everyone. Also, gaming is limitless and there are many different games & worlds to be explored. Games are interactive, enjoyable and can have positive impacts on your mental and physical health. The reason why people like video games are varied, but most gamers enjoy having a good time because either the game itself is fun or they play online games to spend time with their friends.

Who is the highest-paid gamer?

Pro gamer's income can vary from tournament prizes, contracts, or streaming donations. The highest-earning player could be N0tail (Dota 2) with $7M in prize money, followed by Bugha (Fortnite), Faker (League of Legends) & dupreeh (CS:GO). Of course, there are also streamers like Ninja (Fortnite) who maybe made even more.

What is a gamers salary?

A professional gamers salary primarily depends on their game and their skill because they can win prize money on tournaments. But for many games, the prize money is rather low, and making a living out of it is nearly impossible for most people. That's why many pro players have contracts with organizations, sponsorship deals, and additional income from live streaming. Especially streaming is known to be lucrative for big streamers.

Personal computer (PC)

Computers are the most popular electronical devices. Especially for gaming, the input with mouse and keyboard is precise and versatile. Also, you can customize your hardware f.e. with a powerful computer and a good monitor you can reach best gaming experience. Buying good hardware can be very expensive but you also gain access to many different games.


Mobile gaming massivly increased in popularity within the last years. Many people have phones anyway and also the games are cheaper than for computers or console plattforms. Still, many games require a more complex or precise input so many gamers prefer mouse & keyboard for PC or controllers for consoles.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality kits usually contain a VR headset and two controllers for your hands. There are different types of headsets, some require a PC to connect with while some work stand-alone. VR industry is rapidly growing and hardware & games are providing more & more realistic experiences. Even though, it's a cool technology to try, but virtual reality kits are still very expensive.


The PlayStation by Sony is the most popular gaming console in the world. PlayStation 5 (PS5) was release in Nov 2021 and focuses on home video games. You mainly use wireless DualSense controllers to play but there is also a remote control, a camera, a headset and a VR kit available. Games can be either downloaded or bought on disc-drives (if your PS5 has a disc slot).


The Xbox is a video game console by Microsoft. Current version is Xbox Series X with disc slot, more power and more storage compared to the smaller Xbox Series S version. Performancewise, there aren't many differences to the PlayStation 5. Biggest differences are the games because both have many exclusive titles.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console by Nintendo. Unlike PlayStation or Xbox, the Nintendo Switch can be used mobile and stationary, and the controller can be disassembled into two controllers so you can play with friends. Also there a few good exclusive titles by Nintendo.