CSGO Grenades Guide

How to use Utility


Utility, also known as grenades, are an essential part of a player's arsenal in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). They can be used to gain an advantage in a variety of ways, such as for taking down enemies, pushing enemies out of a position, or even retaking a site. In this guide, I will explain the various types of utility/grenades available in CSGO, their uses, and how to use them effectively.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are one of the most versatile utility items in CSGO. They are used to obscure the vision of the enemy team, making it difficult for them to see you or your team. Smoke grenades can be used to create cover for yourself or your team, or to obscure the enemy's vision while pushing a site. When using smoke grenades, make sure to throw them in a location where they will obscure the enemy's vision but not your own team's vision. Smoke grenades can also be used as one-way smokes, which can be used to obscure the vision of the enemy team while still allowing you or your team to see through them. This can be used in situations where you want to push a site or retake a position, while still keeping an eye on the enemy team's movements.


Flashbang is another versatile utility item that can be used to blind and disorient the enemy team. They are particularly useful for pushing a site or retaking a site as they can be used to blind the enemy team, allowing you or your team to push in without taking damage. They can also be used to blind enemies in a 1v1 situation, giving you the advantage in a fight. When using flashbangs, make sure to throw them so that they will land in the location where the enemy team is hiding. Flashbangs can be most efficient when used to support your teammates or when requested by your teammates for themselves. Throwing a flashbang for a teammate can give them the opportunity to push in, take out a blinded enemy or plant the bomb. Additionally, if you're the one pushing in, it's always useful to request a flashbang from a teammate, which can help you focus on taking out the blind enemy.

Molotov/Incendiary Grenades

Molotov and Incendiary grenades are similar in function and can be used to create a fire that causes damage to enemies over time. These can be used to flush enemies out of a position or to hold them in a position. They can be particularly effective in chokepoints, where enemies have fewer options to move. When using these grenades, make sure to throw them in the right place, such as the entrance of the room or chokepoint, for maximum effect.

HE Grenades

HE grenades, also known as fragmentation grenades, are used to cause damage to enemies. They can be used to take down enemies in a position or to clear a site. They are particularly useful for taking down armored enemies and also can be used to destroy walls or objects, opening new angles and lines of sight. When using HE grenades, make sure to aim for the area where the enemies are hiding or the site you want to clear. Be aware that if you are too close to the explosion, it can also harm or kill you, so make sure to use them from a safe distance. Additionally, it is important to practice the throwing arc and trajectory of the HE grenade. Double or even triple nades are usually most efficent because you can take down enemy's and also check if a corner is clear.

Decoy grenades

Decoy Grenades: Decoy grenades are less common than other grenades, but can be very useful in certain situations. They emit sounds and flashes similar to gunfire, tricking the enemy team into thinking that an attack is coming from a different direction. These can be used to create a distraction and to misdirect the enemy's attention while you or your team pushes in a different direction.


In conclusion, using utility/grenades effectively in CSGO can give you and your team a significant advantage in the game. Make sure to use them at the right time, in the right location and with the right timing. Practice your aim, trajectory and coordination with your team, and it will help you to be proficient with using them. Mastering the use of utility/grenades can make a huge difference in your performance and potentially lead to more victories.