Macro guide for LoL

How to play LoL macro

LoL Macro guide

League of Legends (LoL) is a complex game that requires players to master not just their own champion, but also the broader aspects of the game, such as map control, objectives, and vision. In this guide, we'll be focusing on macro play, which is the overarching strategy and management of resources that can give your team an edge in the game.


Macro play is all about maximizing the resources at your disposal, whether it's gold, experience, or map control. This guide will cover the different aspects of macro play and how to use them to your advantage.

Map Control: The Key to Dictating the Game's Pace

First, let's talk about map control. Map control is the ability to control the different areas of the map, such as lanes, jungle, and objectives. Map control allows you to control the flow of the game and dictate the pace of the match. The team that has map control can pressure the enemy team and force them to play defensively.

Gaining Vision: The Importance of Wards

To gain map control, it's important to have vision on the map. Vision is the ability to see the enemy team and objectives, such as the dragon and baron. Vision allows you to plan your next move and anticipate the enemy's. Wards are the primary tool for gaining vision, they are items that give you vision in a specific area. You should always have at least one ward placed in the enemy's jungle, and one in the river.

Objectives: Prioritizing and Securing Powerful Bonuses

Objectives are another important aspect of macro play. Objectives are the various points of interest on the map, such as the dragon and baron. These objectives give your team gold and experience, and can also grant powerful bonuses. It's important to focus on objectives and to prioritize taking them over killing enemy players.

Managing Gold and Experience: Last Hitting and Global Resources

Gold and experience are also important resources to manage in macro play. Gold allows you to buy items and experience allows your champion to level up. To maximize gold and experience, you should focus on last hitting minions and monsters. Last hitting is the act of dealing the final blow to a minion or monster, which grants the most gold and experience. In addition, it's important to take advantage of global gold and experience, such as the gold and experience granted by dragon and baron.

Rotation: Moving to Gain an Advantage

Another important aspect of macro play is rotation. Rotation is the act of moving between lanes and objectives to gain an advantage. For example, if the enemy team is pushing a lane, you can rotate to another lane and take an objective, such as the dragon. This will force the enemy team to react and potentially give your team an advantage.

Communication: The Key to Coordination and Winning the Game

Finally, communication is key in macro play. It's important to communicate with your team about objectives, vision, and rotations. A coordinated team with good communication can make the difference between a win and a loss.

Conclusion: Mastering Macro Play for Victory in League of Legends

In conclusion, macro play is an essential aspect of League of Legends that allows you to maximize the resources at your disposal and gain an advantage over the enemy team. By mastering map control, vision, objectives, gold, experience, rotation and communication, you will become a more effective player and help your team to win the game.