Fortnite Aiming guide

Improve your aim + accuracy

Aiming guide for Fortnite

Improving your aim and accuracy in Fortnite can greatly increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips to help you improve:

Use the right sensitivity settings

Experiment with different sensitivity settings to find the one that feels most comfortable for you. A lower sensitivity will make it easier to aim accurately, but it may also increase your 180° time.

Practice tracking moving targets

Many players struggle with aiming at moving targets. Try to practice aiming at moving targets as much as possible in creative mode or in the Playground LTM to improve your skills. Try to focus on predicting the movement of the target and adjusting your aim accordingly.

Use aim training maps or aim trainers

There are several aim training maps and aim trainers available online that can help you improve your aim and accuracy. These maps and trainers are designed to simulate real-game scenarios and help you improve your aim in a controlled environment.

Practice your aim in creative mode:

Creative mode is a great way to practice your aim without the pressure of a live match. You can set up targets to shoot at or practice your aim with different weapons. Try to focus on hitting small targets and moving targets.

Use the right type of mouse or controller

Experiment with different types of mice and controllers to find the one that feels most comfortable for you. Some players prefer using a gaming mouse with adjustable DPI settings, while others prefer using a controller. Consider trying out different options to find what works best for you.

Take regular breaks

Continuously playing for long periods can lead to fatigue and negatively affect your aim. Taking regular breaks can help you stay fresh and focused, allowing you to aim more accurately.


Remember, Improving your aim and accuracy in Fortnite takes time and practice. Keep working on it and you will see improvement over time.