How to be a good IGL

How to be a good In-game leader (IGL)

Being a good In-game Leader (IGL) in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) requires a combination of strategic thinking, communication skills, and game knowledge. Some tips for being a good IGL include:

  1. Communicate effectively with your team: It's important to be able to clearly convey your strategies and calls to your teammates. This requires good communication skills and the ability to think on your feet.
  2. Plan ahead: As the IGL, you should have a plan for every round. This may involve deciding on a strategy, setting up utility, and coordinating with your teammates.
  3. Adapt to the situation: No plan is foolproof, and you may need to adapt to changing circumstances during a match. Be flexible and ready to adjust your strategies as needed.
  4. Know the maps: It's important to have a deep understanding of the maps you'll be playing on. This includes knowing the layout, common strategies, and the best spots for placing utility.
  5. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team: As the IGL, you should have a good understanding of the skills and playstyle of each of your teammates. Use this knowledge to help you make strategic decisions.
  6. Keep a cool head: Leading a team can be stressful, and it's important to stay calm and collected under pressure. If you get flustered, it can affect the performance of your teammates.
  7. Practice and review: As with any skill, becoming a good IGL requires practice and dedication. Play as much as you can and review your performance to identify areas for improvement.