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Here's a guide that covers all the legends (also called characters) in Apex Legends. Apex Legends currently has the following legends: Wraith, Gibraltar, Loba, Mirage, Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound, Octane, Pathfinder, Crypto, Fuse, Horizon, Valkyrie, Rell, Revenant, Ash, Wattson, Seer & Lifeline. Here's a brief overview of each legend and their abilities:

  1. Wraith - Wraith is a fast-moving, evasive legend who is great at getting out of tight spots. Her abilities include:
    • Tactical: Into the Void - Wraith enters a alternate dimension for a short period of time, becoming invisible to enemies. This allows her to reposition herself and avoid taking damage.
    • Passive: Voices from the Void - Wraith receives auditory warnings when danger is imminent, allowing her to react quickly to incoming threats.
    • Ultimate: Dimensional Rift - Wraith creates two interconnected portals that remain open for 60 seconds, allowing her and her teammates to quickly move through the map.
  2. Gibraltar - Gibraltar is a large, tank-like legend who excels at providing cover for his teammates. His abilities include:
    • Tactical: Dome of Protection - Gibraltar deploys a dome-shaped shield that protects him and his teammates from incoming fire for 15 seconds.
    • Passive: Gun Shield - Gibraltar's gun shield deploys automatically when he aims down the sights of his weapon, providing extra protection while firing.
    • Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment - Gibraltar calls in a mortar strike on a targeted area, dealing damage to enemies and destroying cover.
  3. Loba - Loba is a fast, agile legend who excels at looting and getting to high-value items quickly. Her abilities include:
    • Tactical: Burglar's Best Friend - Loba uses her jump drive to quickly jump to a targeted location, allowing her to reposition quickly or loot buildings faster than other legends.
    • Passive: Eye for Quality - Loba can see nearby lootable items through walls, making it easier for her to find high-value items.
    • Ultimate: Black Market Boutique - Loba creates a portable loot cache that she and her teammates can loot, allowing them to restock on supplies in the middle of a firefight.
  4. Mirage - Mirage is a tricky, elusive legend who excels at tricking and deceiving his enemies. His abilities include:
    • Tactical: Psyche Out - Mirage sends out a decoy of himself that runs in the direction he was moving when he activated the ability, drawing fire from enemies and revealing their positions.
    • Passive: Encore - When Mirage is knocked down, he can activate an ability to create a decoy of himself and revive himself.
    • Ultimate: Vanishing Act - Mirage deploys a team of decoys that run in different directions, allowing him and his teammates to escape or reposition while enemies are distracted.
  5. Bangalore - Bangalore is a versatile, tough legend who excels at both fighting and supporting her team. Her abilities include:
    • Tactical: Smoke Launcher - Bangalore launches a smoke canister that creates a thick smoke screen when it explodes, obscuring her and her teammates from view and masking their movements.
    • Passive: Double Time - Bangalore's sprint speed is increased when she takes fire, allowing her to quickly get out of harm's way.
    • Ultimate: Rolling Thunder - Bangalore calls in an artillery strike that slowly travels across the map, dealing damage to anyone caught in its path.
  6. Caustic - Caustic is a methodical, calculating legend who excels at area control and trapping his enemies. His abilities include:
    • Tactical: Nox Gas Trap - Caustic can place up to six canisters of toxic gas on the map that, when shot or activated, release deadly Nox gas that damages and slows enemies caught in the cloud.
    • Passive: Nox Vision - Caustic and his allies can see through Nox gas clouds, allowing them to navigate through it safely and spot enemies more easily.
    • Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade - Caustic throws a grenade that releases a cloud of Nox gas, covering a large area and dealing damage to anyone caught in it.
  7. Bloodhound - Bloodhound is a technologically advanced legend who excels at tracking enemies and gaining intel on their movements. Their abilities include:
    • Tactical: Eye of the Allfather - Bloodhound sends out a sonar pulse that reveals enemies, traps, and loot within its range.
    • Passive: Tracker - Bloodhound can see the footprints, tire tracks, and other clues left behind by enemies, allowing them to track them down more easily.
    • Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt - Bloodhound enters a heightened state, increasing their speed, focus, and awareness, allowing them to track enemies more easily and quickly.
  8. Octane - Octane is a high-speed, high-risk legend who excels at quickly traversing the map and outplaying his opponents in fights. His abilities include:
    • Tactical: Stim - Octane injects himself with a speed-boosting stimulant, increasing his movement speed and allowing him to move faster for a short time.
    • Passive: Swift Mend - Octane naturally regenerates health over time, allowing him to recover from fights more quickly.
    • Ultimate: Launch Pad - Octane places a launch pad on the ground that propels anyone who steps on it into the air, allowing them to traverse the map quickly or surprise enemies from above.
  9. Pathfinders - Pathfinders is a Recon legend that excels at quick movement and vertical map rotation. His abilities include:
    • Tactical: Grappling Hook - Pathfinders uses a grappling hook to quickly pull himself up to high ledges, rooftops, and other areas that would be difficult to reach on foot.
    • Passive: Insider Knowledge - Pathfinders can survey the next ring's location in the early stages of the game, allowing him and his teammates to get there faster than other teams.
    • Ultimate: Zipline Gun - Pathfinders deploys a zipline that allows his team to travel quickly across the map.
  10. Crypto - Crypto is a recon legend that excels at gathering intel and disrupting the enemy team's plans. His abilities include:
    • Tactical: Surveillance Drone - Crypto sends out a drone that can fly around the map, gathering intel on enemy positions and hacking other legends' tactical abilities.
    • Passive: Neurolink - Crypto and his teammates can see what his Surveillance Drone sees, allowing them to gather intel from a safe distance.
    • Ultimate: Drone EMP - Crypto's drone releases an EMP blast that deals shield damage and disables traps and abilities in its radius.
  11. Fuse - Fuse is a heavy firepower legend who excels at dealing high damage and creating chaos on the battlefield. His abilities include:
    • Tactical: Knuckle Cluster - Fuse throws a cluster grenade that breaks into smaller grenades on impact, dealing damage to all enemies in its radius.
    • Passive: The Motherlode - Fuse's cluster grenades have increased ammo and fuse time, allowing him to throw more and giving enemies less time to react.
    • Ultimate: The Coach Gun - Fuse equips a powerful shotgun that can knock back both enemies and Fuse himself, allowing him to reposition quickly or create distance in a fight.
  12. Horizon - Horizon is a gravity manipulating legend who excels at vertical movement and controlling the battlefield. Her abilities include:
    • Tactical: Gravity Lift - Horizon creates a lift that propels her and her teammates into the air, allowing them to reach high ledges and rooftops quickly.
    • Passive: Spacewalk - Horizon's increased air control and reduced fall impact allows her to move more freely in the air.
    • Ultimate: Black Hole - Horizon creates a singularity that sucks in all players and weapons in its radius, giving her and her teammates an opportunity to reposition or eliminate trapped enemies.
  13. Valkyrie - Valkyrie is a aerial assault legend who excels at vertical movement and controlling the battlefield from above. Her abilities include:
    • Tactical: Missile Swarm - Valkyrie launches a salvo of mini-missiles that track and impact the enemies.
    • Passive: VTOL Jets - Valkyrie equips jetpack that allows her to fly for short period of time.
    • Ultimate: Skyward - Valkyrie marks a target location and then launch herself into the air, revealing enemies in a large area and making it easy for her and her squad to reposition and attack.
  14. Rell - Rell is a defensive legend who excels at protecting her team and control the battlefield. Her abilities include:
    • Tactical: Magnetic Shield - Rell creates a shield that attracts incoming projectiles and shots them back at the enemies.
    • Passive: Ferromagnetic Clasp - Rell can pick up and throw metal objects, including armor and weapons, as projectile at her enemies.
    • Ultimate: Mount Up - Rell calls in a mount that can be used for quick transportation and protection, allowing her and her team to move quickly and safely around the map.
  15. Revenant - Revenant is a Synthetic nightmare that excels at getting in close and personal with the enemies, able to both deal damage and control the battlefield. His abilities include:
    • Tactical: Silence - Revenant throws a device that creates a loud noise that disorients enemies and makes them unable to use abilities.
    • Passive: Stalker - Revenant can climb walls and crouch walk silently, making him hard to detect.
    • Ultimate: Death Totem - Revenant places a totem that when activated, protect those near it from death, bringing them back to life if they die while the totem is active.
  16. Lifeline - Lifeline is a Support legend that excels at healing her teammates and keeping them alive in a fight. Her abilities include:
    • Tactical: D.O.C. (Drone of Compassion) - Lifeline deploys a healing drone that automatically follows her and heals her and her nearby allies over time.
    • Passive: Combat Medic - Lifeline can revive her teammates faster and they also gain some health once they are revived. She can also use her healing drone to revive her allies from a safe distance.
    • Ultimate: Care Package - Lifeline calls in a drop pod filled with high-quality gear, weapons, and ammunition, providing valuable resources for her and her team.
  17. Ash
  18. Wattson
  19. Seer