Apex Legends
  • First-person shooter
  • Multiplayer
  • Battle Royale

Apex Legends

What is Apex Legends about?

Apex Legends is a first-person shooter game that combines elements of battle royale and unique characters known as "Legends", each with their own special abilities. The objective is to be the last squad standing on a shrinking map while using a variety of weapons, attachments, and inventory management to outsmart and outgun other teams. It has quickly become a favorite among gamers and esports enthusiasts.


  • Free-to-play
  • Popular
  • Unique design


  • Many tryhards
  • Game size
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  • Apex Legends image
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Tips to Mastering Apex Legends - Step by Step Guide

When it was first released, Apex Legends immediately became a massive hit with the gaming community. People couldn’t get enough of it! It seems that everyone is playing Apex Legends these days, and for good reason too! This Battle Royale game has everything you could ever want in a video game right now. In this Apex Legends guide, we will be walking you through some crucial tips for mastering this game more efficiently. Apex Legends is a surprisingly deep game with tons of mechanics and strategies. As someone who has been playing for almost two months now, I have been able to master many of them through hours of research and practice. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can become one of the best players on the server too. However, not just anyone can do that. It takes skill, strategy, and planning to be able to win consistently at any video game. This is especially true when there are so many other players trying to master the same thing as you are as well.

Tips to Mastering Apex Legends

These are just some of the tips to mastering Apex Legends that you could use to take your gaming to the next level. If you are serious about Apex Legends, you will need to put in the time to learn how to master it. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy or way to win in this game. No two players will ever have the same experience when playing Apex Legends. However, some things are universal in all games. To become an expert at any game, you will almost certainly have to put in a significant amount of time. You need to learn from your mistakes and get better with every game you play. No one is perfect and mistakes are part of the learning process. Finally, don’t get discouraged when you are losing. Take it one game at a time and learn from everyone.

How to get Apex Legends for PC?

The game can be played on laptops, desktops, consoles and even mobiles. Regardless of what computer you have, you should be able to run it with ease. While running the game, you will need to download the game client and 44 GB of free hard disk space. You can download the game client from the manufacturer’s website, or various third-party websites. Many of these websites host fake or fake reviews, so it is important to use an authentic one. After you have downloaded the game client, you will need to install it on your computer. This can be done through your operating system’s default settings or the third-party application store.

How much GB is Apex Legends at size?

Apex Legends occupies 45 GB of hard disk space on your computer. Since the technical requirements are pretty low, this game should work on almost any computer. If your computer is underpowered, you will struggle to run Apex Legends smoothly. A good computer should have at least an Intel Core i5-2400 processor and 8 GB of RAM. You can also have a better computer, with an Intel Core i5-3570, an AMD RX 560, and an SSD for the best Apex Legends experience. Make sure that you are not freezing or lagging at any time during the game as this will make you lose and you will be penalized.